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Sports Injuries

Our Rehabilitation program will show you how to prevent injuries and spare your injured tissues. As your tissues are healing you will be shown how to create stability so that you can become stronger and healthier than before your injury! Our exercises are based in Developmental Kinesiology and Postural Ontogenesis, which are the processes our brains and body learn to go from an infant into a healthy young child that is able to express beautiful movement by the time they are 5 years old. Posture, habits and injuries change these processes and programs for movement and create pain. Our goal is to make you the strongest, healthiest version of yourself and our rehabilitation programs will empower you back into your life with confidence!

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Functional Rehabilitation
Functional Rehabilitation consists of a variety of corrective and performance exercises with the goal of improving your movement and function. These exercises/stretches/movements may be specific to reduce your pain or they may be to help you be more durable for whatever life activities are causing your problems. Exercises are custom-tailored based upon the findings of your evaluation. The goals of the exercise program are to return you to a pain-free state while bringing your function level back to that which you desire.
People desire to stretch or exercise their muscles to aid in their recovery and we want everyone do perform the stretches and exercises that we need. Muscles may be sore from over or under-use and your corrective program will aim to limit the poor movement patterns that are causing symptoms.

DNS, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, is the framework for most of their exercises that our doctors use each day to improve function. The purpose of the technique is to promote proper activation and coordination of the neuromuscular system. Prof. Pavel Kolar further evolved and expanded the works of Drs. Vaclav Vojta, a Czech neurologist and Karel Lewit, MD, known as the father of manual medicine to create DNS. DNS utilizes postural ontogenesis, the process by which each infant learns how to move, as the foundation for the basis of its exercises and correctives. Along with treating pain syndromes this technique has yielded amazing success in treating various neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and stroke cases. While DNS is routinely used in Europe, it has only recently started to gain popularity in the United States.

Our rehab services can help you overcome:

Sports Injury
  • Sports injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Traumatic injuries
  • Disabilities
  • Chronic conditions
  • And more